Our Beliefs:
The eleven Articles of Faith (listed below) are considered to be a summary of the beliefs of the Evangelical Christian Church in Canada (Christian Disciples) that "concentrates on Judeo-Christian ideals and values that were founded by the first-century Christian covenant church, allowing for a diversity of understanding with theological non-essentials." This complete doctrinal statement of the Evangelical Christian Church (Christian Disciples) examines the history, theology, and practices found in this historical movement in Canada since our founding in 1810.
  • The Bible as the written Word of God
  • The Virgin Birth
  • The Deity of Jesus the Christ
  • The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit
  • The Trinity
  • Salvation through the Atonement
  • The Guidance of our life through prayer
  • The Death and Resurrection of Christ
  • The Return of the Savior
  • The Resurrection of the Redeemed and the lost
  • Establishment of the Millennial Kingdom 

"UNITY in the essentials, LIBERTY in the non-essentials, and LOVE in all things."

The eleven Articles of Faith are based on basic nondenominational Christian doctrines that the early first-century apostolic church embraced and taught. Our focus is found only in Jesus Christ, and there is no requirement to permit any other belief or creed, nor is there any "official" interpretation of the Bible that they can refer to as their distinctive doctrinal stance. 
The Evangelical Christian Church (Christian Disciples) clergy is also at greater liberty to hold other Christian personal views on matters regarding dress code, hair length, observation of religious celebrations, and eschatology, etc., and are free to do so as long as they do not conflict with biblical truth found in the holy scriptures. The Evangelical Christian Church in Canada (Christian Disciples) members and clergy may serve other denominational or independent bodies while holding credentials with this Christian body.
That is why the Evangelical Christian Church in Canada (Christian Disciples) celebrates everyone's differences, and differences of opinion, and does not expect everyone's interpretation of the Bible, or living the Christian life to be identified, according to 1 Cor. 12: 4-11. All Evangelical Christian Church clergy and churches are at liberty to subscribe to an official doctrinal statement that they can refer to as their distinctive doctrinal stance. The Evangelical Christian Church does not fit people into certain labels. Still, freedom of religious belief, freedom of thought and conscience, and private scriptural interpretation of the Bible allow many to commit to the basic fundamental truths found in the Holy Scriptures, no matter what their eschatology, paradigms, or biblical models may be.
The Evangelical Christian Church (Christian Disciples) believes in the freedom of expression - the freedom to preach the gospel without denominational walls and restrictions - the freedom to believe in the whole Bible without personal opinions or influences from church tradition, history, or ecclesiastical creeds - the freedom of "Sola Scriptura."


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