What Waterloo Bible College Offers In Post-Secondary Education

Waterloo Bible College is an interdenominational, evangelical, Christian college and seminary in Canada that is following the Barton Stone tradition of restoring the church to the New Testament pattern by holding the truth that the whole Bible is the inspired Word of God. Our purpose is to train new leadership for the 21st-century church, community and the world. Waterloo Bible College offers post-secondary, distance learning diploma programs to mature believers and clergy who wish to complete their religious education or enter ministry as pastors, teachers, evangelist, apostles and prophets in the work of ministry. Course programs offered at Waterloo Bible College was founded to make affordable distance-learning diploma programs in higher education in the School of Christian theology.

School of Theology

The educational institution and curriculum of Waterloo Bible College are Bible entered and based. The Bible and Christ will always be the centre of all our course studies. You will find a selection of diploma majors offered. Our credits are transferable to various Bible Colleges to obtain a degree. This work is carried out on an evangelical interdenominational basis, and it is non-sectarian. Courses offered to either those who have a high school diploma or the mature students, will find courses of study well suited for their individual's needs.

School of Christian Counselling

Waterloo Bible College is offering continuing education courses in the CPC (Certified Pastoral Counsellor) diploma program. These courses are from our Department of Christian Counselling in 1998. WBC has felt the need for an accrediting association for those who are in the ministry of counselling. Waterloo Bible College School of Christian counselling has been formed to help meet the need for professionalism in Christian counselling. A variety of certificates in counselling have been developed, such as Certified Pastoral Counsellor. WBC provides the church and society, as a whole, the assurance that our ministers are: Qualified; Responsible; Professional; and Bible Centred.

These programs are offered to ECC ministers only.

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